Hi. I’m Joy. You might already know me from my main website, Joy Vernon Astrology * Tarot * Reiki. I started this website, Tarot in Love, because I know the most important questions for so many people are love, relationships, romance, and family.

I first learned the tarot in 1991. I was just out of college. With a background in theatre and poetry, and a special interest in symbolism, I needed practically no training and understood the cards instantly. My teacher instructed me to start reading for clients almost immediately. My instructor also guided me in developing my first tarot class, which I taught in January 1994. The exercises I developed for that class are ones I still use twenty-five years later! I love teaching tarot and even in those early years I taught regularly whenever I could find interested students.

I worked with that teacher for three years, primarily focusing on my own spiritual development. He taught me a system he called The Craft. The focus was on creating. Sewing craft, herb craft, candle craft, book craft, leather craft — anything you make can be a craft. Did you ever see that Jeep billboard a few years ago that said, “What you make, makes you”? In a nutshell, that was the philosophy of The Craft. That as we learned to create things, refine them, beautify them, perfect them, we would change ourselves.

My teacher taught me to develop and lead transformative group ritual. Part of this work was being able to sense, concentrate, and direct spiritual energy towards specific goals. I learned how to work with my own energy, that of others, and that of situations or places. This turned out to be very important for my future success.

I took a Reiki 1 and 2 class in April 2003. Around the same time I decided to increase my tarot business, which had always been haphazard, reading for occasional clients out of my apartment or going to their homes. I started doing regular psychic fairs.

I received my Reiki Master Practitioner and Master Teacher training in January 2005. I became more dedicated to self healing and the practice of energetic meditations. The same year I began teaching tarot online for Avalon Center for Druidic Studies.

Meanwhile, I joined the Denver Tarot Meetup in the summer of 2006. I began leading presentations for the meetup group. I had just started studying qabalah and was eager to discuss and learn from others, but most of the members were not interested in that subject. The following year I started my own tarot meetup, the Denver Tarot Geeks so I could concentrate on my esoteric studies.

My exploration of qabalah led me to the Golden Dawn, a ritual magic group started in 1888. Tarot creators Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith were members. The Golden Dawn had developed a curriculum of intense study, personal work, and group ceremony. I began studying the grade materials and practicing on my own. I eventually joined a group and completed the grades of the Outer Order.

As part of the Golden Dawn curriculum, I was required to learn the symbolism of qabalah and astrology. I found astrology difficult at first, but a friend showed me how to look at my chart using the corresponding tarot cards for each planet, sign, and house. Soon I was doing chart readings for the people who applied to our group. One of the leaders was impressed enough that he recommended me to a local metaphysical store. Soon I had my first store reader gig — not as a tarot reader, the area of my expertise, but as an astrologer!

I was teaching more and more, doing regular psychic fairs, and seeing enough clients out of my home that I decided to rent an office. In the summer of 2010 I took my business full time.

The training I received has made me who I am today. I could not be here without ritual work, the energy and Reiki practices, meditation, tarot, astrology, and qabalah. Each of these is intricately interwoven with each other, like the Celtic knot pattern on my office table covering. I cannot separate tarot from Reiki or divide ritual work from astrology. Ritual work is dependent on energy movement. All of these begin and end with meditation. So even when I only do a tarot reading, or only teach a tarot technique, I’m including a little bit of everything. Likewise, when I perform readings, I rely on layered symbolism, energy movement, and my clear connection to Spirit developed and maintained through ceremony and meditation.

One of my goals for this site is to teach you how to do your own love and relationship readings. Reading for yourself is a challenge, and it is more difficult yet to read on emotionally charged issues — and romance questions are frequently the most impassioned. So as I teach you to do your own love readings, I will also introduce topics such as ritual for spiritual connection, meditation for personal insight, astrology to understand the cycles of our lives, and so much more. I suppose you could say that we are practicing love craft. And the more love you create in your life, the more you will create yourself in the image of true love.

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