The Tarot Dance: Love Tarot Spread

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The Tarot Dance: Love Tarot Spread and Downloadable PDF

Who’s in charge here? Sometimes it’s hard to tell! Relationships can be like dancing. Only one person can lead at a time. Use this spread to examine when to lead, when to follow, and what rhythm you’re dancing at. For this tarot blog hop, Jay Cassels of Sacred Healing gave us the magical topic of dance. Use the Tarot Dance Love Tarot Spread to bring the magic of dance to your relationship. This spread if particularly useful when deciding whether or not to make the first move or next move!


Position 1: Leading

There are plenty of times things flow in unison, like walking hand-in-hand. But when someone needs to step up and take charge, it’s often hard to know who’s going to be the boss. Either both of you want to lead and you end up stepping on toes, or neither one wants to lead and you hang back like wilting wallflowers.

Rather than phrase the spread positions as “Who’s Leading?” and “Who’s Following?” I downgraded it to the most basic. Position 1 is Leading. Are you always leading? Never leading? What would happen if you did take the lead? What kind of leader are you? The card you pull here describes how you experience leading in this relationship or in this particular situation. Alternately, read the position as: What would happen if you continue to lead/took the lead?

Position 2: Following

When someone leads, someone follows. This is not to undermine your independence, your equality, or your moxie! Sometimes, following is called for. There are times we follow because we’re curious about where the leader is taking us. Sometimes we follow because we’re too tired to take charge. We might be plum out of ideas! And sometimes we follow to encourage leadership in the other person.

Position 2 in the Tarot Dance Love Tarot Spread helps us understand how you experience following in this relationship or in this particular situation. Does following feel like going with the flow? Or does it feel lazy? Would it be a welcome respite? What kind of follower are you? Alternately, read the position as: What would happen if you continue to follow/started to follow?

Position 3: Tempo

Every dance has a rhythm. We dance to a beat, from furious to serene. In dance music it’s typical for the beat to be strong and easy to find. But the same is not always true in life. It might drift into nonexistance. It might fatigue your brain with complex polyrhythms. Finding and understanding the tempo gives you a great deal of insight into your expectations and those of your partner.

Get into the groove with Position 3, Tempo. Are things moving too fast? Too slow? When’s the next twirl or dip? Will the band play a fast song or slow song next? Are the two of you keeping pace with each other? The card you pull here describes how you experience the tempo in this relationship or in this particular situation.

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The Tarot Dance: Love Tarot Spread Downloadable PDF

Here’s a free pdf you can download and print! Just click on the image to open a pdf. Make copies and keep it on hand to explore the balance of leadership in all your relationships.

Click the image to open a pdf you can download! The Tarot Dance: Love Tarot Spread
Click the image to open a pdf you can download! The Tarot Dance: Love Tarot Spread

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Author: Joy Vernon

Joy Vernon is an astrologer and tarot reader in Burien, Washington. Formerly, she served as the Organizer of the Denver Tarot Meetup and Denver Tarot Geeks, and now runs the Greater Seattle Tarot Meetup. She is passionate about teaching others to read tarot for themselves to bring clarity and guidance to their lives. Joy started Tarot in Love to share everything she's learned about love in the cards from her decades of work as a professional reader. Over the past ten years, Joy has published more than 250 free articles on tarot, astrology, qabalah, Reiki, and meditation on her other blog Completely JoyousSchedule a reading to see her philosophies in action.

8 thoughts on “The Tarot Dance: Love Tarot Spread

  1. I spent most of this just going WOW, loudly in my head. Your spreads are awesome Joy. Just like your kind self. Thank you for being apart of this.

  2. Wonderfully fluid fluency expressing the dance Joy. The self-awareness impetus, checking in with self to see where you are before proceeding, that your spread provides makes for sanctuaries to be built by a person’s cards and questions. And, sanctuaries are wonderful places for things to relate, harmonize, and expand.

    Most excellent spread, Joy! It has a deceptive simplicity, though I feel the 3 worlds of the cards coming together have a deceptive simplicity. You’ve crafted a DNA strand of the arabesque in the interlaced Triquetra trefoil knot. Such a verdant, living structure for your “Tarot Dance: Love Tarot Spread” to take.

    1. Thanks, Jordan! Glad you like it. It seems like such a common question to come up whenever someone is asking about interpersonal interactions: Should I initiate in this instance or hold back and wait for them? Certainly common regarding romantic relationships, but even in following up with a job interview, a promotion request, or simply knowing when to push and when to hold back on any kind of project.

  3. Hey Joy, Moving through the Blog Hop, and the link “Next Blog” link from Jay;s entry leads to a page not found. My message on Jay’s blog didn’t seem to take, even signed in to Google and WordPress. Just thought you’d like to know to get out the BH Road COnstruction Cre for the pothole. 🙂

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