When I’ll Find You: Love Tarot Spread

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When I’ll Find You: Love Tarot Spread and Downloadable PDF

Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day with a lighthearted, romantic tarot spread! The “When I’ll Find You: Love Tarot Spread” is a fun three-card spread to discover When I’ll Find You, How I’ll Know You, and Where You’ll Lead Me. It includes a downloadable pdf so you can print it and take it with you! Grab your most romantic deck and let’s find out about your next love!

Position 1: When I’ll Find You

Let’s get down to business! The most important question is WHEN! As you’re looking at the card you’ve pulled for this position, consider how it might express timing to you. Does it seem upbeat and excited? That probably means soon, or you’ve already found each other! Does it some powerful but distant? Those cards usually indicate that an important relationship is coming, but might take some time. (All the more reason to have fun in the interim!) Perhaps the image of the card feels sad or stressed. If so, it could indicate that you’ve found and lost someone, a period of loneliness or disappointment lies ahead of you, or you have your own healing to do before you will be ready to connect. If you draw a negative card for this position, shuffle up and ask, “What can I do to make myself ready to receive love?”

Relying on the emotional feel of the card, as described above, is the most basic way to get a sense of timing. However, it’s also the most unreliable. There are many more sophisticated and accurate techniques. If you’d like some help determining timing in your tarot spreads, check out my article on Completely Joyous, Timing in the Tarot. It includes a downloadable chart with dates and detailed timing information for every card!

Position 2: How I’ll Know You

You meet people all the time. But how do you know you’ve found the right person? You need to know how you’ll recognize your mate! Examine the card that you’ve drawn for this position. Is there an expression, a color, clothing, a prop, an environment, a season that speaks to you? As an example, maybe something in the card reminds you of a song. Or a place you’d like to visit. Or a favorite pet. You might think: But this indicates my new partner, so who knows what would be relevant to this unknown person? That’s one of the magical things about tarot! The cards speak directly to your intuition and your subconscious. So the clue for how you’ll recognize your new love will be something that is important to you! And doesn’t it make sense that a perfect match will be recognizable by what you have in common?

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Position 3: Where You’ll Lead Me

Where will your new love lead you? To the bedroom? Or to the altar? Look for clues in the card you draw here! The voice of your deck, how it speaks to you, will influence this position. Is your deck sassy, snarky, solemn, sympathetic, or …. ? As before, look for clues. For instance, did you notice that the girl in the image at the top of the post is holding a ring? If you see a ring in the card you drew for this position, it could mean wedding bells! But there could be much deeper indicators here. Does your new romance lead you toward happiness, fulfillment, family, confidence, security? Or does the relationship lead you away from yourself? Does it break your heart?

If the card you draw here causes you concern, get supplemental information by asking additional questions. What is the outcome if I pursue this? What is the outcome if I reject it? What circumstances would create this outcome? What can I do to avoid this situation? 

It’s also relevant to consider what you want right now. Maybe you don’t have time for commitment but could use some fun. Would you say that the illustration supports that? Perhaps you’re ready for love, respect, and equal partnership. What in the card could express those ideas? Search the card image for clues. Then journal what you see. Recording your spreads gives you a chance to explore the imagery and symbolism of each card more fully, while also giving you an archive of readings you’ve done. You can refer back to these later, and learn from them.

Downloadable PDF

Click the image to open up a pdf that you can download and print. Make several copies and get together with your friends for love, laughter, and tarot cards! You can help each other interpret your spreads (but always remember that your intuition is your most reliable source of information!) Happy tarot reading!

When I'll Find You: Love Tarot Spread
Click the image to open a pdf you can download! “When I Find You”: Love Tarot Spread

Author: Joy Vernon

Joy Vernon is an astrologer and tarot reader in Burien, Washington. Formerly, she served as the Organizer of the Denver Tarot Meetup and Denver Tarot Geeks, and now runs the Greater Seattle Tarot Meetup. She is passionate about teaching others to read tarot for themselves to bring clarity and guidance to their lives. Joy started Tarot in Love to share everything she's learned about love in the cards from her decades of work as a professional reader. Over the past ten years, Joy has published more than 250 free articles on tarot, astrology, qabalah, Reiki, and meditation on her other blog Completely JoyousSchedule a reading to see her philosophies in action.

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