“Where Are We Going?” Tarot Spread For Love

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“Where Are We Going?”: Tarot Love Spread and Downloadable PDF

“Where are we going?” asked Kimberly Essex of Tarot & Meditations, wrangler of this blog hop. I certainly have heard that question from many clients! Particularly when asking about relationships. “Where are we going?” is one of the most common love questions people ask. If you’re wondering if you have a future as partners, try this “Where Are We Going?” tarot spread for love and see what’s in store for your relationship.


Position 1: Where Are We Going Slow?

Raphael Kirchner artwork. A couple walk their bicycles through a festive city street decorated with gold paper lanterns.

Sometimes you’re not sure if your relationship is slow — moving steadily forward, but at a relaxed pace — or stalled. The first position of this spread is designed to address that. Sometimes it’s nicer to get off our fast moving bikes and walk arm in arm through the festive city streets filled with Japanese lanterns. Is it raining? Maybe a little bit. But you’re side by side with your love and simply enjoying what comes your way. Moving slow is not a problem! It’s relaxing and comfortable.

The card that shows up in the “Where are we going slow?” position describes where in the relationship things are moving forward steadily but slowly. To interpret the card, look at the image and determine who’s in the card and what are they doing. What does that make you think of regarding your own relationship? That’s most of your answer right there!

If it’s a Minor Arcana card, you can also consider the suit. In relationships, each suit has a particular meaning. Wands are desire, passion and adventure, but also independence and freedom. Cups are love, affection, and caring. They are imaginative and emotional. Swords are our communication, beliefs, and what we want to fight about or fight for. They show us our conflicts, but also give us the most important talking points to get to the heart of the problem. Pentacles represent security, money, commitment, and trust. Pentacles are the slowest of the suits, but these are the things that take the longest to build.

Position 2: Where Are We Going Wrong?

Raphael Kirchner artwork. A woman sits backwards on the handlebars of a bicycle with her feet on the seat, while smoking a cigarette.

On the other hand, sometimes the relationship is not moving slowly, but is completely stalled or, even worse, going the wrong way. If you’re a professional circus performer, you might be able to easily ride a bicycle backwards while smoking a cigarette. Sometimes being in complicated relationships gives us skills! But if you’re like most of us, you’re about to take a tumble and might get burned in the process.

Likewise, the card that comes up in answer to the question “Where are we going wrong?” lets you know what’s unstable in your relationship. Spend some time with the image on the card you drew for this position. What aspect of your relationship comes to mind when you look at the image? How does the image make you feel? Does it feel temporary, fixable, understandable? Does it give you hope that you can do something about this? Or does it feel like all is lost? It’s important to be honest with yourself about both the good and bad in the relationship. And even the most despairing problems have the potential to be fixed — if you’re both willing to put in the time and work.

Position 3: Where Are We Going Apart?

Raphael Kirchner artwork. A woman races ahead on a red bicycle, while a man in the distance pedals hard to keep up.

Invariably in all relationships, there certainly will be times when you’re moving at different rates. This is not a problem in and of itself. One partner might be full steam ahead while the other is poky. Or maybe one is the Flash and no matter how much effort the other puts into keeping up it’s not possible. It might even be a tortoise and hare type of situation where the fast one eventually needs to take a break and the slow one reaches the finish line first. More significantly, it’s true that the partners in a relationship will grow at different rates.

The key here is to discern whether you’re moving toward the same destination. If so, perfect! You’ll eventually get there. If not, is the detour that one of you is taking eventually going to support the relationship? Or has someone wandered out of bounds entirely? Maybe you’ve moved so far ahead that the landscape has changed completely. Consider the image on the card you drew for Position 3 and contemplate how it might answer these questions. When does it feel right to forge ahead? When does it feel right to wait for your partner to catch up so you can proceed together?

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Position 4: Where Are We Going Together?

Raphael Kirchner artwork. A couple ride their bicycles side by side away from the viewer while leaning towards each other for a kiss. The "Where Are We Going Love Tarot Spread" helps you determine the potential future of your relationship.

This is your big picture, pull-out-all-the-stops finale. Where is this relationship going? The card you pull for Position 4 will tell you. Look at the illustration on the card you drew for this position. What do you love about it? Does something about it make you feel wary? What feels totally right? What do you relate to in the image?

If the card is confusing or disappointing, take some time to process that. Are your expectations realistic? Are they appropriate for this particular partnership? Do you feel confident you and your partner want the same thing? Be open to knowing the compassionate truth about your relationship.

If you don’t like the answer you received, take a deep breath, feel calm and centered, and invite guidance and clarity from the wisdom of the tarot. Ask the question, “What can I do to get on track in my relationship?” Pull one to three cards, depending on what you feel up to interpreting. This is your checklist. Meditate on the image(s) on the card(s) you drew. What fair and balanced, happy and loving, caring and nurturing actions do they inspire you to? Do it!

Tarot Spread for Love… and More

Remember, even though this site is Tarot in Love, your relationship question doesn’t have to be about a romantic relationship. You can ask about family dynamics, business partnerships, a collaboration, friends, or even your relationship to a group or community. These four points — Where you are going slow, where you are going wrong, where you are going apart, and where you are going together — can elucidate the complications and connections of any interpersonal interaction.

“Where Are We Going?”: Tarot Love Spread Downloadable PDF

You can download and print this spread by clicking the image to open a pdf. It’s useful to record the cards you pulled on this printout or in a notebook. Write our your thoughts and interpretations. Add it to your tarot journal for future reference. You’ll find that the cards steer you right with insight and fresh perspectives!

"Where Are We Going Love Tarot Spread" with free downloadable pdf spread sheet.
Click the image to open a pdf you can download! “Where Are We Going?”: Tarot Spread for Love

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Author: Joy Vernon

Joy Vernon is an astrologer and tarot reader in Burien, Washington. Formerly, she served as the Organizer of the Denver Tarot Meetup and Denver Tarot Geeks, and now runs the Greater Seattle Tarot Meetup. She is passionate about teaching others to read tarot for themselves to bring clarity and guidance to their lives. Joy started Tarot in Love to share everything she's learned about love in the cards from her decades of work as a professional reader. Over the past ten years, Joy has published more than 250 free articles on tarot, astrology, qabalah, Reiki, and meditation on her other blog Completely JoyousSchedule a reading to see her philosophies in action.

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  1. What a lovely post, and vividly brought to life through your words Joy, really had me thinking and pondering on some of the questions that you asked 🙂

  2. Now I see why you have a whole separate tarot blog for love; such great insights and reminders about how love works embedded into this post and tarot spread! I especially appreciated the nuances addressed in relation to the “Where are we going apart?” card position. Thank you so much for this contribution to our hop, Joy ♡

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