Your Wink: Love Tarot Spread

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Your Wink: Love Tarot Spread and Downloadable PDF

Your heart’s all aflutter and your hands are shaking because you just met someone new! What do you do now? It feels right but there’s so much you need to know! Give your soaring thoughts something to focus on with this short and sweet three-card spread. So what was this person’s first impression of you? What are their thoughts on relationships? And what sets them apart from everyone else? The “Your Wink: Love Tarot Spread” gives you the intel on your new heartthrob. It includes a downloadable pdf so you can print it and doodle hearts all over it. Shuffle up the nearest romantic tarot deck and let’s peek into the future!

Position 1: Your Wink

An actual wink might be more cinematic than realistic, but you never know. You wink to turn someone on and to tell them you’re tuned into them. It represents the initial connection. Think of your new admirer and ask:

  • What was your first impression of me?
  • What attracted you?
  • Why did you reach out, or respond, to me? 

If you like, pull one card for this new person and one for yourself. This way you can play your own role off the other person’s.

It’s best to base your interpretations on the images in the card, but if you get stuck, consult my Tarot Cards Love Meanings posts (I’m adding more all the time).

Position 2: Your Think

What are they thinking? This is the question on everyone’s mind. Are you two on the same foot as to what the next step is? Different people thinking different things can turn a tango into a tangle. Imagine dreamboat and contemplate:

  • What do you think of me now?
  • What do you consider the next step to be?
  • What do you believe your ultimate relationship goal to be?

Again, pulling one card for you and one for your love interest lets you compare and contrast. Are you crushing or crushed?

Schedule an appointment with Joy Vernon Astrology * Tarot * Reiki and find out is love in the cards — or the stars! — for you!
Schedule an appointment with Joy Vernon Astrology * Tarot * Reiki and find out is love in the cards — or the stars! — for you!

Position 3: Your Kink

Well, we can’t ignore the obvious. You’ve been wondering all day! We all have overt and covert desires. What turns your paramour on? Whether fetish, foible, or fad, your partner’s pleasure is useful to know!

  • How do you like to spice things up?
  • What makes you different?
  • What do you like on special occasions?

Pull two cards, one for each of you. You might get clear details here (never ignore the literal!), or you might be better off comparing the two to see if you complement each other. Do the cards seem like they go together? Or are they vastly different? Do the cards feel fun and exciting, or do they make you uncomfortable? Chances are you’ll enjoy figuring it out!

Downloadable PDF

You can download and print this spread by clicking the image to open a pdf. Make note of what cards you pulled and your thoughts on them. Keep it in your tarot journal — it will be interesting to come back to later on!

Click the image to open a pdf you can download! Your Wink: Love Tarot Spread

Author: Joy Vernon

Joy Vernon is an astrologer and tarot reader in Burien, Washington. Formerly, she served as the Organizer of the Denver Tarot Meetup and Denver Tarot Geeks, and now runs the Greater Seattle Tarot Meetup. She is passionate about teaching others to read tarot for themselves to bring clarity and guidance to their lives. Joy started Tarot in Love to share everything she's learned about love in the cards from her decades of work as a professional reader. Over the past ten years, Joy has published more than 250 free articles on tarot, astrology, qabalah, Reiki, and meditation on her other blog Completely JoyousSchedule a reading to see her philosophies in action.

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